Step Parents: Parenting Steps

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Parenting Steps; Step Parents What head shrink injected Step before the word Parent into American households? If step means part time parenting or just a portion of both raising and financial responsibility we need to take a closer look at the psychological education requirements. According to a US Census nearly 50% of all households will go through a divorce and start new homes with a step parent. Surely step Moms and dad take their significant others son r daughter to sports practices and movies. They certainly lend a listening ear during heart felt break ups or disappointing days at school. Do we consider it babysitting our own kids? We do not think of it as babysitting a step child either. Households with one working adult and a little kiddo from a previous marriage is not anything different from the traditional homes. Do you think a Step family could become the first family someday? When one of you find out the meaning of the word step in Step Parenting email it to me? Most importantly if you learn what marriage psychologist living in his or her own fairy tale home with both real parents and never experienced what Step Parenting really is send him my email.

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