Finding peace within :10-minutes to the ultimate relaxation

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I know , these days, you gotta work hard to live..and so , almost everyone’s running endlessly from task to task,errand to errand.Overwhelmed with multitasking and constant obsession for “more” ,people end up being overstressed,frustrated,angry,anxious and of course the hub of illness and diseases.But the good news is,life doesnt have to be this way.It is , in fact, possible indeed, to live a life of happiness and contentment without having to go through unnecessary stress and strain.Of course what I am talking about is an entirely new way of living,of looking at life , and it won’t happen overnight.But when it happens,boy is it satisfying ! And,better still,once you start working on it,it isn’t really that hard ! So,are you ready to start on this wonderful journey?Then follow on..

I know it is very difficult , almost impossible ,to bring about any radical change overnight.Instead we have to take one step at a time,work on it till perfected,and then move on.To start with,the first and most aspect of livinf a stress-free life,is to relax.And though people normally associate relaxing with laziness,reseach shows that allowing yourself to relax frequently actually increases efficiency in every aspect of living.So RELAX ! Just pause and take a deep breath.Be aware of the slight movement of the abdomen,be aware of the sounds around,feel the air,tune in to the stillness within.Then move on with your work again.Thats it!Its as simple as that!Of initially you may not remember to do it,so maybe you’ll need to set you timer to it.But soon it will become a habit and you’ll surprise yourself feeling calm and peaceful even amidst chaoes all around!

Another very effective way of relxation is the 10-minute self-scan.Just do it for 10-mins and you can feel the soothing peaceful effect instantly! Sit (or take whatever posture feels comfortable) in a quite place where you won’t be disturebed for sometime.Close your eyes and start focusing on you breath – feel the air flowing in and out your nostrils feel your lungs expanding and contracting.Gradually you’ll find yourself getting calmer.Then gently shift your focus to your feet.Try to feel the skin from the inside,the toes,the sole,the heel.Slowly move your focus up to the ankles,then the calf,the knee,the thigh.repeat with other parts of your body moving up to the top of the head.Then shift your attention back to the feet.This time as your feel them from within,keep repeating the work “relax” in your mind and imagine the musles slowly relaxing.Follow the same process of gentle relaxation up through your body.Finally bring your focus back to your breath.After a few breaths,when you feel comfortable,gently open your eyes.Look around and feel the peace and silence around for a few moments.Now you are relaxed and refreshed to face life’s challenges with renewed energy!

Guess thats it for this time.I can’t guarantee overnight success,but if you practise consistently you can rest assured to see significant difference in your entire life soon enough! And the best part is that,it all becomes automatic and effortless with more and more practise – just like learning to drive a car ; at first you have to try hard to pay attention to all the different aspects of it,but,with practise,it soon becomes automatic and you can enjoy your ride without having to worry about the mechanics of driving.

I’ll soon cover the other aspects of peaceful and successful living in future posts.Till then,keep practising and surprise yourself with your better life !


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