Best Subs near Athens Pennsylvania

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Are you hungry for a sub sandwich? The best places near Athens Pennsylvania to get a sub are at Parrish’s, Pudgie’s, Lisa’s little Philly and the Dandy. All are pretty good places to get a sandwich, but Pudgies is my favorite.

Pudgie’s Pizza

1 Garfield St
Waverly, NY

Phone: (607) 565-2004

Pudgie’s Pizza is a long time favorite here in the valley. Wherever you live in Athens, it is just a hop, skip and a jump across the border to get a nice sub or have it delivered to your home or business.

You can purchase hot or cold subs and they have a nice collection but I have my favorite. My favorite has salami, ham, and bologna thinly sliced, all in generous portions. All the meat here is plentiful within the subs. Here the subs are made on freshly baked bread, which make them extra tasty,

Parrish Family Deli

501 S Keystone Ave
Sayre, PA 18840
Phone: (570) 888-4974

Mouthwatering subs made fresh to order, while you wait. You can also call ahead for take-outs or eat in the comfortable dining room. This establishment has the biggest selection of subs in the valley, and you will find hot and cold specialty subs.

This is a family owned and operated deli so you can also pick up the sides to go with subs. Limited hours of operation means you cannot get this subs for a late dinner but grab one for lunch and you will have some for dinner at home. Prices of subs and subs are comparable to other local establishments in the area.

Lisa’s Little Philly located at 414 S. Keystone Ave. Sayre, Pa 18840 Phone: (570) 888-4444

Lisa’s is home to authentic Philly cheese steaks here in the valley. Prices are good for food you get. The smallest size of sub here is a foot long which is packed with fresh ingredients and it can be shared with a friend.

Dandy Mini Marts are a great place to pick up a quick sandwich or slice of pizza if you are in the mood for burgers. These convenience stores are scattered through out the Athens, Sayre, and South Waverly areas of Pennsylvania. There is a saying among local people that no matter where you are there is a dandy within a few blocks.

If you feel like having a great hot dog with meat-sauce and cheese try the downtown Athens or Sayre Locations. The Dandy on Spring Street in Sayre has plenty of ready to purchase Soprano’s pizza that is excellent for parties.

While it is true that all Dandy’s are owned by the same company not all the convenient foods are the same. Ask a local person and they will share that info with you we all have our favorites.


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