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In Ayurvedic Medicine ,which is  over 5000 years old, it is believed that there are five elements.  Those elements are space, air, earth, fire and water.    These elements make up everything even the human body.  They also play in important role in determining your dosha.  There are three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha.   Knowing your dosha can help you balance your life to find inner peace and harmony.   By understanding what activities and food could aggravate your dosha and which lifestyle choices  you would benefit from, you are able to live a more balanced life, physically and emotionally.

Read the following statements very carefully and check off whichever one applies to you.

  1. I am thin and small boned.
  2. I am medium build.
  3. I am thick and stocky and have larger bones.
  1. I have prominent joints and don’t put on weight easily.
  2. I have average body weight.  I am athletic and muscular.
  3. I tend to be overweight.
  1. My skin is dry, rough  with prominent veins.
  2. I have oily skin, sensitive skin, red.
  3. I have thick skin and I am prone to acne.
  1. My hair is coarse and dry.
  2. My hair is fine and oily, maybe balding or premature graying.
  3. My hair is thick, shiny, healthy
  1. My eyes are small.
  2. My eyes are medium and sensitive
  3. My eyes are round and large.
  1. My lips are thin, dry and chap easily.
  2. My lips are medium and soft.
  3. My lips are large and smooth.
  1. My nails are brittle, ridged and crack easily.
  2. I have soft and flexible nails.
  3. I have strong and thick nails.
  1. I have little strength and get tired easily.
  2. I possess medium strength and endurance.
  3. I possess strong endurance.
  1. I have variable appetites.
  2. I have strong appetites and get irritable if I miss a meal.
  3. I tend to overeat, especially fats and sugars.
  1. I am physically very active.
  2. I enjoy physical and competitive activity
  3. I am less active, rather lethargic.
  1. Bowel movements are irregular, hard and dry.
  2. Bowel movements are easy and regular, soft and loose.
  3. Bowel movements are thick and heavy and slow.
  1. My mind is active, sometimes restless.
  2. My mind is focused and sharp.
  3. My mind is calm and somewhat slow.
  1. When under stress, I tend to get anxious and fearful.
  2. When under stress, I tend to get angry and irritable.
  3. When under stress, I usually try to avoid situations.
  1. My short-term memory is good, my long-term memory poor.
  2. I possess excellent memory.
  3. My memory is slow.
  1. I am a light sleeper, I wake up easily.
  2. I sleep well most of the time.
  3. I am a heavy sleeper, can sleep long hours.
  1. I have cold hands and feet and perspire very little.
  2. I have good circulation and perspire frequently.
  3. I have moderate perspiration.
  1. My dreams are fearful.  I dream of flying and other forms of movements a lot.
  2. My dreams are angry, violent and or passionate.
  3. My dreams are peaceful and romantic.
  1. I tend towards constipation, anxiety and poor sleeping patterns.
  2. I tend towards inflammation, hypersensitivity and high blood pressure.
  3. I tend towards congestion, water retention, fatigue.

Now add up all the checked marks.  If you have answered the majority with 1, then your dosha is Vata, 2 is Pitta and 3 is Kapha.  Most people have a combination of two doshas, very few people are tri-doshas, having all three doshas.

Now that you know your dosha, it would be very beneficial to find out the many characteristics of the dosha, which foods to avoid, which ones to add to your diet, and which lifestyle changes are necessary to find that path to better health on a physical as well as emotional level.

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