How to make a F2P (Non-member) Pking Range Tanker!

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       First, make yourself an account at and complete tutorial Island. I would recommend making some money on it first by  getting some skills up. Fishing lobsters (also known as “lobbies”) at level 40 fishing can earn you up to 300 gold pieces (also known as “GP”) per lobster you catch. You will need to get a lobster pot and 30 GP per ride to Karajama. Another way is to get at least 60 woodcutting (recommended at 70) and go cut yews. Once you have some money (preferably around 500k), you are ready to start making a f2p range tanker.

     Now once you have the money, walk to varrock (look on the world map if you do not know where varrock is). This is your choice, you could buy leather items such as cowl, leather body, leather chaps, or just go without them. Then buy a short bow, oak bow, willow bow, and finally, a maple bow. Then buy bronze arrows from the  range item seller east of the varrock fountain because people don’t sell them at grand exchange. I would recommend buying over 5k bronze arrows, but it’s totally up to you. Now on to the training. Wear all your armour (or not, if you didn’t buy any). Then switch your attacking style to “long range”. This will train your defence and range at the same time giving 2 xp per hit instead of 4 xp per hit. I would not recommend training def with a iron scimmy because you will hit more 0s then you will hit 1s. I would recommend training at chickens until 5 range and 5 defence, men untill 20 range and defence, at strong hold security until 40 range and 40 def. You could do dragon slayer and get Green Dragon Hide body (also known as green d’hide). The quest requires 32 quest points to start and It will give about 18k defence and xp and strength xp. But the strength xp probably won’t get your combat up too many levels. Then stop training your def if you are going to keep at F2P. I recommend keep your range a bit higher then your defence. Now train your range really high (possibly 99). And good luck pking! Don’t Safe, it’s for losers. Safing is when you eat when your hp is not low, like eating at 40hp. Have a nice day.


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