Buying Investment Property (Real Estate): 5 Reasons To Invest Now

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Many of the richest people in the world have made their fortunes when the economy hit rock bottom. These people had the vision to seek out opportunities in the midst of chaos, while the masses focused on despair.

What can we learn from this? Is there an obvious wealth-building investment opportunity available to us today in the midst of all this financial chaos?

Do you have “vision”?

Can you think of a better time to invest in an asset than in a down market? The investor’s credo is to always to “buy low and sell high” — right?

There are 5 reasons why you should consider buying investment property (real estate) right now :

1. It is widely held that more fortunes have been created by real estate that any other form of investment.

2. Raw land development is the most profitable form of real estate. [On average, raw land development projects increase the value of raw land by 2-5 times its original cost.]

**  If you are following the logic, I hope you can see where this is going and how wealth creation correlates with buying investment property.

3. A professionally managed raw land development project is one of the most safe investments that a high yield investor can make. It is “safe” because the land developer will typically secure their investors’ capital investments with the hard assets of the project (the real estate itself). In addition, they will place their investors in “first lien position” for the project’s assets and revenue.

This means, in the event of a financial problem with the land development project, the real estate can be sold and investors can recoup some or all of their invested capital plus any net profits. Also, it means that the investors, being in 1st position, are the first in line to be paid, if project assets must be sold. (This is similar to the situation where a bank owns the deed on a home loan. The bank is in first lien position. In the event of a homeowner default, the home can be foreclosed upon and sold to repay all or part of the debt owed to the bank before any other creditors are paid.)

NOTE: There is no such thing as a completely “safe” investment. All investments have some element of risk. There are, however, means to reduce risk.  And, this author believes that the best way to reduce risk is to back or secure the investment with hard assets (such as real estate) to protect the investors’ capital.

4. Real estate property prices are very reasonable right now. And, purchasing investment property for raw land development is literally a “buyer’s market”. This is because landowners aren’t any different than you and me. They have been affected by the economy like the rest of us. Therefore, many are willing to sell their land for very reasonable prices because they simply need the money.

Extraordinary opportunity for investors:

In this buyer’s market, professional land developers are in “go” mode. It is “the perfect storm” for buying investment property to support their land development businesses.

As a result of today’s tightened credit markets, land developers are turning to private investors to help them acquire the raw land at record low prices.  And, they are willing to pay handsomely for the use of their investors’ money. We’re talking about legitimate, high yield safe investments folks!

5. The United States population is projected to grow +29% from 2000-2030. (According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics.)  That means the addition of 82,000,000 new people in America! And these new people are going to need new homes, new schools, new stores, and new communities to support them.

Can you guess where are these new homes, schools, stores and communities are going to come from? That’s right — from raw land development projects — the “building blocks” for all new community construction.


There you have it.  Five fact-based reasons that you should strongly consider buying investment property.  And, specifically, investment property in the form of raw land development projects.

The timing is now.  And the key is finding the right land developer to invest with.

About the author:

John Hanlin is an Independent Investment Consultant specializing in high yield, safe investments secured by real estate. He is a seasoned investor of over 25 years.  To learn more about buying investment property and raw land development, click on this link for a copy of John’s FREE Special Report

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