The Grown Up Side of Seattle

Seattle Washington is a city that has much to offer young and old alike as a vacation destination.

The truly amazing thing about a city like Seattle is that many of the attractions that might appeal to young children, might also appeal to those of an older generation for much the same and very different reasons. One of the many attractions that older visitors are sure to enjoy, well, if flowers are there thing, is the Woodland Park Rose Garden. These gardens are free to attend and offer some spectacular blooms if you visit between the months of May and August. The Seattle Aquarium is another point of interest for young and old alike. Whether you are in your first childhood or your fifth there really is nothing more exciting than watching glorious sea creatures swim above your head.

When I was a child, which was something that happened in science fiction, not in real life. Which brings me to my next timeless attraction: The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. This museum explores the history of science fiction and the impact it has had on the world we see today. I love the way imaginations from times long past have sparked some of the inventions of today. As a serious science fiction lover and fanatic, I completely enjoy this museum and could spend days here.

But I also have to admit that there are things I see here that belong to my father, and some things that belong to my children. This is why the Science Fiction Museum made my list. The Underground Tours are another thing that someone who is more mature might find very interesting.

I know that I was completely enthralled not only in the story, but also in the hearing of the story. This was one tour that was well worth the price I paid for it.

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