A Childhood innocence destroyed by a online predator…

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A Childhood innocence destroyed by a online predator… Parents across the country and worldwide are waking up to a reality that could of been avoided. Internet safety is every parents responsibility. None of your minor children have a right to privacy on the internet. PERIOD !!! My oldestis 12 years old and is forbidden to even look at a Myspace or Facebook page. For many parents a a private profile with no geographical information or last name is enough to secure their baby from predators. Or at least they think. According to The National Association of Miss and Exploited Children 2,185 children under the age of 18 are reported kidnapped each day in the US. 797,500 a year,58,200 total strangers like online predators. Many of these abductions lead to sexual assault and murder. Blaming internet sites alone is a far cry from preventing the this devastation from occurring. When someone is kidnapped at a retail outlet is the store at fault? As parents we owe it to our children to protect them from harm and the unknown. Teaching your kids how to avoid strangers on the streets or in a park is the same teaching we need to start educating our kids about online safety. Would you just drop your son or daughter off at the park knowing a predator lives next door or down the street? Not many would say yes. Then why do so many adults just drop their kids off on the internet?

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