Six Safety tips for traveling with a pet

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So you are planning a trip with your four-legged friend and naturally you are really excited about it. However, there are certain important things to be kept in mind while traveling with your pet. Although traveling with your pet is almost like traveling with a baby (almost being the operative word here) it is not same.

Below are few safety tips while traveling with your pet.

1. Preparing your pet: Before you plan to travel long distance with your pet it is very important to prepare them to undertake such travel. And for that you can plan few short and frequent trips to shopping mall or any other place nearby so that your pet becomes accustom to the motion of the vehicle. It will also help you to understand what your pet might need while traveling long distance. For example, when we first took our four-legged friend to Amritsar, India we realized that even in such a small journey (for two hours) she made us stop every half an hour for water and urinating. Of course that was her first long distance journey.

2. Making your pet feel secure: Small dogs are sensitive and are under constant fear of being separated from you i.e. their owners. Your pet will feel secure in your vehicle and nowhere else so make sure that your vehicle is pet proof. And since in such cases your pet will not come out of the vehicle even when all of you are sitting outside you have to ensure maximum safety inside the vehicle. You can do that by ensuring that the car windows are open only to allow fresh air but not to let your pet fall out of the window. In addition to that ensure that you stay close to the vehicle from where your pet is able to see from the parked vehicle.

3. Safety harness or leashes : Leash your pet for their own security and do make sure that it is a long leash. They will be hyperactive during the journey and the long leash will give them enough freedom yet put certain limitations on them. Also a safety harness is a better option than a collar as it is easier to attach a leash to a harness than a collar and also a cat can slip out of a collar but not from a harness.

4. Keep your friend in your lap: If possible that is if they can sit quietly, and they are small dogs, hold your friend pet’s leash and make them sit in your lap so that you have some control on them.

5. Keep the first aid kit handy: Yes, agreed that your pet has all its vaccination in place and it is a docile dog still, however, long distance journeys make your pets restless and they might hurt you by their nails unknowingly. That’s when a first aid kit would come handy.

6. Pet Barriers: Pet barriers are basically mesh walls which helps in marking the area for your pet. It keeps the most curious of the pets in one place and lets you enjoy the journey. And it comes handy when traveling with your cat as they are the most inquisitive animals.

These are some safety tips that can be kept in mind while traveling with your pet. Rest as they every pet is different and so are the safety needs which you as an owner would know the best.


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