Online Branding

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Before getting in to online branding we have to know:

1. What is Brand?

2. Different types of branding?

Every organisation is just like a family, means every family has his own culture, ethics, values, behaviour and name in the society .The name itself is called Brand. In the same manner each organisation posses all the features which are mentioned above.

For our family father is a BRAND. Means indirectly we can say, BRAND is nothing but face of the COMPANY.

Generally we think BRAND is recognition, but… if we see in depth, it means EXPECTATION.

Michael Jackson is a Brand for POP MUSIC when ever he arrives on stage we EXPECT high quality

By this we can imagine how important BRANDING is….

Before going in to branding we must know what the types are:

  1. Media
  2. Online

Online Branding: it’s part of Marketing strategies.

The main intention of online branding is essence and quality of the product or service and has to reach the end user.

It all depends upon in which sector your business fall…either in to product or service. In service industry online branding is more effective because as an end user we not only feel the essence but also the result.

We can apply any thing online in a service industry for example if we take banking industry we can apply every thing online for bank account, loan, and credit card even online statement. All these factors reach end users EXPECTATIONS. He feels there itself.

Another advantage with online branding is feedback. This is the most important term in business world now days. It not only gives you the opinion on company, but also it injects what he is EXPECTING.

Finally …… Brand ambassadors will be decided by customers. Branding is all about customer opinion and company uniqueness.

Do more than TOUCH…FEEL

Does more than LOOK…OBSERVE

Does more than READ…ABSORB



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