Understand your children

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Understanding children is the point of discussion for today parents not knowing when they will behave this way or that way and why? Why children cry and whether to agree to all their demands. Moreover in case of both working parents and nuclear families less time is given to the child whereas at least in a joint family child gets the attention of grandparents or uncles and aunts. Sometimes the child is deprived of his innocent smile, play and parents love.

No matter child parenting is a big task but can be handled by understanding your children. Some tips:

1. Each child is born with certain individualistic traits that are unique. By recognizing these traits parents can help in shaping their personality in positive ways.

2. Listen to what your child says. Children want everybody’s attention in the family. Encourage them to speak out and express their feelings.

3. Do not scold or say something that the child does not like in front of others. Tell them quietly separately.

4. Parents must show unconditional love on their children.

5. Do not compare your children with others. Be realistic with your children and do not force anything on them.

Parents usually compare in studies and force to study. A child should study and play also otherwise the child will become dull. Children do better when they are not pushed hard. Let them go at their own pace.

6. At times you may be stressed but do not let this reflect when you interact with your children.

7. Everybody enjoys company of similar age. Children are no different. Mix, interact and let them play with children of their similar age maybe at your home, near your neighborhood, parties, outings, friends place. Children also learn so many new things seeing and talking to them. My child eats more sitting with his cousins.

Raising children is greater responsibility nurturing them to tomorrow’s successful youth.


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