How I make money online

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Once the word leaked out that, I make my living online many local people had the same question on their mind. That is how do I make money online? That answer is simple I work my butt off to provide for the bills when am working to make money online. I do much more than simply write articles, but yes, this is what I do.

How I make money online.

I write the articles, and it looks like I write plenty of them. On an average month, I write eighty of them for various sites, but in June of 2009, I uploaded almost 150 articles in preparation of a vacation I wished to take. The vacation was a nice long three-week vacation, which I did take for the most part.

It certainly was not easy, but settling daily goals helps in a huge way. I derive the bulk of my money online with page views on a monthly basis. To supplement them I must also work for upfront payments.

What are page views?

I know I need to make at least twenty dollars a day in page views when I make money online. This goes a long ways in the big picture. What exactly are page views? Well every time someone reads an article I make money, usually pennies but those pennies add up in a huge way.

I collect these page views on five different sites each day, and each month I am paid for them. Associated Content, Helium, Bukisa, E-how and Bright Hub all pay me money on a monthly basis for articles I have written on their sites. Some might ask if I only get paid for new articles, and that answer is no.

For instance on associated content, I am paid these page views on articles I wrote 2 years ago along with articles I wrote recently. I am drawing page views on 1000 plus articles each month and that is the bulk of my house payment. I gather the rest of my house payment from the page views on the other for sites.

What are upfront payments?

Upfront payments are payments I get for writing new articles a month. These usually pay the bills and buy groceries. I am paid this way online by various places but also am in print which helps in a big way. The upfront payments I get online each month pale in comparison to the page views.

Am I getting rich off the stuff I do while I make money online? No but it certainly keeps me in the house my ex and I began buying fifteen years ago. I have paid for the house for the past three years with this method of working online doing the freelance writing thing.

However, I work my butt off some days I spent 12-14 hours day writing. I do not write like that everyday because I am also the full time babysitter for my grand children. I have them 2 or 3 days a week, which limits my writing. I do not take cash for babysitting them. Instead, I get a sweet deal of my daughter picking up my electric bill monthly. I get to spend time with my grandchildren and get a bill paid, it is a sweet deal for both my daughter and I.

Since my electric bill is paid I only have to worry about the gas, water, sewer, internet bill, house payment and of course groceries a month. Those are doable with working online depending on how hard I work.

That three-week vacation I took was nice and is a direct benefit of working from home. Where else can you work for three years and take a vacation that long?

On the vacation, I spend the time camping on a family campsite, which means it was free except for the groceries. Groceries are something I buy weekly so that was not an extra expense at all. Since I was only 8 miles from my own home, I came back every few days to submit some articles for upfront payment and see how many page views I made while camping.

Of course, I got behind so I am playing catch up with the articles, but it is doable.

How can you make money online?

Get accounts at these writing places and a paypal account and get writing. All places will be linked below.

How can I write 80 articles a month?

That is only about 3 new articles a day of at least 400 words. I am sure you do that already in emails or chatting online.

Submit those articles to associated content for non-exclusive payments, and after they have been online for a while submit them to other places to make money on page views. If you submit them to Bukisa and helium after they have been on associated content for a while, those 80 articles have turned into 240 articles, which are bringing you in pennies a month. Those pennies add up in a major way.

Repeating the same process a month later you now have 480 articles pulling in page views and some upfront payments for you. You will be up to 1,000 articles in no time. I have more than 1,000 articles scattered among these web sites and all bring in page views monthly.


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