How to write files to CD

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There are some points though that you must put into consideration when writing your files to CD.

1)      Depending on your files format, you have to consider how you want to store your file, what type of CD storage you wish to use. 

2)     You can choose to write your files in a REWRITABLE or RECORDABLE CD. Let me clear explain the major difference between these two; 

a)     With REWRITABLE CD, you can store as many files as you want, at any date you want, and many times that you wish. BUT this also depends on how many storage limits you have on the CD.

b)     RECORDABLE CD is quite the opposite. If you are going to store your files in a RECORDABLE CD, make SURE you have everything ready to store at once. The reason is simple and this means that the moment you have written your files into a RECORDABLE CD, you will NOT be able to write any files on it ANYMORE.  It is good for Once-a-use purpose.

3)     So if you are like me, or you love to economise like me, then I will advise you to purchase REWRITABLE CD plus LARGE space storage in it. DO NOT go for SHORTER space storage since you will still want to write as such as many files you have in it.

4)     Now to write your files on CD; GO to DESKTOP on your PC. RIGHT CLICK on a free space on the deskstop with your MOUSE. You will have a drop down deskstop menu.

5)     Among the lists on the DESKTOP MENU, go ahead and choose FOLDER. A NEW and EMPTY FOLDER will appear of your DESKTOP.

6)     TRANSFER all the files you wish to write on CD into this NEW FOLDER and give it a SPECIFIC NAME of your choice.

7)     SLOT in a NEW CD into the PC DVD drive. A small window is pop-up asking you to give the NEW CD a name. You can give it the same name you gave the new folder where you stored your file on desktop.  

8)    The NEW CD will PROMPT you to format it. I suggest you permit this. It may take some minutes but its better you let it format.

9)     Once it’s done, DO NOT closes it. Just leave it and GO back to the NEW FOLDER that you stored your files. RIGHT CLICK on it to have the menu open and you click OPEN or you DOUBLE CLICK the folder to open it.

10) Inside the folder, click on CTRL + A, at the same time, to select all the files. Then CLICK on CTRL+C, at the same time, to COPY them all.

11)  Close the folder or you can leave it open.  GO back to the formatted CD folder that you left open or if you have closed it, OPEN it again.

12) In the formatted CD folder, press CTRL +V at the same time. Immediately, all your files that you copied from the folder on your deskstop will appear in the CD folder

13) BUT you are not done yet. Once these files appear, a small window will pops-up to indicate that the formatted CD is saving your files. The timing will depends on how large are your files. So if you have larger files, just do not bother about sitting and waiting. You can go for a cup of coffee and make sure you came back at interval to check on it. Once it’s finished saving, the window will disappear and you are free to remove your formatted CD now containing your files. That’s it!

Also you have to decide which types of files you want to write on CD. Are your files music files, or documents such as Word, PDF, or more?

Music files often require large storage space and this you must put into consideration.  Make SURE you purchase CD with large storage space for your music files. It will save you the trouble of having to buy several CDs for more money, which I will not suggest you do.


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