The health benefits of yoga

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Yoga is an ancient science which was practiced some 5000 years ago not in any gurukul but on a battlefield. Indian epic Mahabharata says yoga lessons were first imparted by Lord Krishna to his pupil Arjuna the third pandava.

These days thanks to some practicing yogis (like Baba Ramdev) yoga has become a household name bringing significant changes in people’s stressful lives.

Even the doctors are realizing the importance of yoga in leading a healthy life and advising their patients to incorporate this ancient technique of being fit and fine in their busy schedules. So then what exactly is yoga and how is beneficial to our health?

To put it simply, yoga is not just a series of breathing exercises it is in fact a way of life. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ or yujir yogey’ meaning to join, to unite, yoga is all about becoming conscious about your body, your breathing and connecting with your soul at the most basic level.

So then what are the health benefits of yoga? Plenty I should say and here are few of them.

1. Stress buster: Yoga offers relief from the stress we keep gathering in our day to day living. Various positions known as asanas and gestures known as mudras have a soothing effect on our minds and bodies. Rhythmic repeat of the breathing exercises enhances the relaxation power and once you start relaxing your stress levels go down and you are once again ready to face the world.

2. Increased physical strength, stamina, and flexibility: Yoga with its various sets of breathing exercises, meditation and bending and twisting exercises boosts one’s physical strength, increases stamina, and flexibility of body.

3. Increased levels of concentration: When you start practicing yoga you will feel that your concentration levels have increased suddenly. You are able to concentrate and pay more attention to your life and your family. Your work starts improving and you gain confidence in yourself.

4. Self Control: Apart from concentration you start realizing that self control comes naturally to you now. You have started noticing your limitations and working around them for better lifestyle.

5. Healthy glowing skin: You wanted to have that healthy glow on your skin that you see on your neighbor’s face or on favorite TV/movie star. Know their secret yoga. Yes, practicing yoga gives you a clear healthy skin from within thus putting radiance on your skin.

6. Say bye-bye to acne and pimples: It is a known fact that acne and pimples are a result of impurities in the blood and yoga improves blood circulation thus flushing out all the impurities. Result is a clear skin free of acne and pimples. Believe me I tried it and it works.

7. Well toned muscles and abdomen: No amount of cardio exercises will give you such well toned muscles and abdomen as practicing yoga. That’s because yoga not only targets wholesome wellbeing it also targets specific areas of concern.

Apart from these few common benefits yoga has been known to reverse the effects of epilepsy, asthma, chronic arthritis, infertility in women. Yes to some extent yoga can treat infertility like Poly cystic Ovaries and let you have regular mensuration.


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