Grow longer hair faster.

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Are you wanting long, luscious, healthy hair? Here are some tips to get your hair to grow longer faster.

WASH & CONDITION: To get your hair to grow longer faster, you should wash and condition it on a regular basis. A dirty scalp can prevent your hair from growing at it’s fullest potential. Use a length strengthening shampoo, like Pantene’s new shampoo and conditioner for long hair. It helps your hair stay stronger and prevents split ends, so that you do not have to get it cut as often and it will get longer faster.

VITAMINS: Take a multi-vitamin for your hair to be as healthy as possible and grow faster. Have you ever noticed how women who are taking prenatal vitamins seem to grow their hair really fast. That is because of the multi-vitamins they are getting through the prenatal vitamins they are taking. You can take a prenatal vitamin even if you are not pregnant to help your hair grow faster.

TRIMMINGS: The key to getting longer hair faster is for your hair to be healthy to begin with. Trimming dead ends will make your healthier. So, go get an initial trim before starting to use your lengthening shampoo and conditioner to start growing your hair long and strong. You don’t have to get much taken off, just the dead ends that will prevent your hair from growing healthy.

CARE: Treat your hair with care while trying to grow it out. Try to avoid using heating tools, they can cause your ends to split and cause damage your hair.


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