How to bring Success? Focus on Ultimate Success.

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Success can be simply defined as an accomplishment of the work undertaken.

PHYSICAL SUCCESS: The success could be an achievement of a physical activity better than others. This is observed in manual labor works like lifting and carrying heavy goods and athletic activities like running, jumping, weight lifting and javelin throw. There are very many laborious works and sports that require good stamina and flexibility to work up on the exercise to become a winner. The success is a result expressed as a wage, salary, prize money.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS: Success could be an achievement in academic excellence, job seeking, research and inventions. Award of qualifications like doctorate, fellowship, Nobel Prize etc to honor the superiority of persons in special disciplines are considered as great success at national and universal level.

INTELLECTUAL SUCCESS: Winning in an international chess tournament brings out one’s excellence in intellectual intelligence with faster physical movement of brain muscles. This is comparable with shoulder and fore hand muscle movements in a table tennis game.

STRATEGIC SUCCESS: You know winning in a street fight or in a war, it shows the strength besides the strategic manipulative movements to make it a success. A well designed war management is an out come of clever and instant planning to focus the accumulated strength on the weakest point of the enemy to bring success ultimately.


SUCCESS ULTIMATE: Initial training and performances will have some errors and by repeated practice one can eliminate the mistakes and become more perfect to perform the job with ease. You will aim to win in your examination, job seeking, sports or any other activity ultimately. You will thereafter wish to carry on with the success with out any break.

FOCUS CONSTANTLY: Continuous success is possible in any business with sustained concentration. Concentration is focusing of mind, sight, tools and techniques. When your mind is clear and focuses on the goal with sharp tools and sight, the technical applications with accumulated force will bring success every time.

To cite an example, your electrician can rectify a defective power shut down by application of his well trained flawless technical knowledge. This is possible only when his sight is sharp enough to identify the defective wire. The rectification is again possible only when he focuses his hands and tools properly. You know that the tools should also be sharp enough to fix the screws suitably. The example is elementary. But it holds good with focusing of mind, sight, tools and technology  for any kind of sophisticated business activity.

In any job or business, the ultimate accomplishment is possible only by focus of all necessary success ingredients.


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