various type of dog

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Various Types of Dogs

There are grouped as a derivative for sports activities or Sporting breed. For example retriever, spaniel, and setter. Other groups is a hound, for example, Beagle and Borzoi. Then there is the type of terrier that was originally a small well. The other dog is a worker like Doberman, Boxer and St Bernard. Dogs that act as guard animals in a group entry called herding dogs, including Collie, shepherd or alsatian which is a German shepherd from Germany.

Toy breed was developed from a mixture of various dog pair. Generally produced deliberately or descendants of a small mini order can be a dog in the home decoration. In which the Shih Tzu is a mix between a dog with a derivative of the Tibetan dog howl. Dogs howl alone is not known what comes from the mixture, as known in the New West in 1860 after British troops invade Forbidden Palace in Beijing. Dogs are also called sleeve dogs, because the lifetime of the Chinese noble involve their dog in the mini-arm his garment.

Generally, these dogs developed in Europe and Asia. In Europe the famous Affenpinscher is developed on the 17th century. About 26 centimeters high and weighing only 3 kg -3.5. May be the famous bulldog from Europe. Developed in England many centuries ago to no longer known when. Dog is strong, intrepid, and often violent. Derivative is almost extinct in the years around 1835 is used as the bulldog dog complaints. Dogs mini Reliability has become the symbol of perseverance and especially UK prime ministry Sir Winston Churchill during the Nazi Germany.

There are also dogs which resulted in mini-continent United States. Chihuahua comes from Mexico in Latin America. A derivative called a Boston Terrier evolved in the 19th century in the city of the east coast of the United States. The high around 35.5 to 43 centimeters and weighing 7 to 11 kilograms.


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