how to keep chihuahua puppy

Chihuahua puppy is one of the Trah dog hard enough to be developed. It takes a special experience, knowledge and patience to care for Chihuahua puppy. Size Chihuahua pupyp who can is fairly safe is> 90 grams. If your puppy 90gram size above, you may feel a bit relieved because of the opportunity of their lives more. The size of the vulnerable is> 80 grams. Not saying impossible to live, but they hope to live more than a little larger than 90 grams. For that we should be more painstaking, patient and very careful care for them.

Things to note for the new Chihuahua puppy of birth:

* Put them in a warm place. Stack can use a towel or some electrical penghangat placed under the towel. Can also use the lights to sit about 10-15watt and placed 40cm from puppy. Or if you had not purchased the second property above, you can keep it on the back of the refrigerator (which is important no wind and the weather is hot)
* Try to keep fit with the parent to keep the portion of food. When you use the dog food, you must replace it with the puppies (for the protein for puppy).
Often found that parent situations and voters do not want to eat when breastfeeding. You can try to add or give puppy food with beef or chicken so that the parent would like to eat.
* If the mother produces less milk, you can add it with a “Moloko B12” to the parent that can be obtained from pharmacies. Dose necessary to Veterinarians consulted.
And when puppy is aged> 2weeks, puppy milk can be given (especially dogs) appropriate measure. * This is only done when the mother’s milk is insufficient
* During the 2-3 hours, you should check the condition of the parent and child. Must be ascertained the puppy not hungry . Try grapple stomach, if still empty, you must force to suckle again. When the stomach is hard, it means he has suckle well.
puppy for that can not suckle , you should be extra guard. Must hold while pressing nipple of the parent so that he can breastfeeding well.
If he can savor and suck stop to press nipple the parent. Let him suck himself.
* The first 2 weeks of age is still vulnerable, so you should be extra careful guard. Do not skip point2 above.
* Age 3 weeks puppy have already started and can be immune to open his eyes. Or they start learning to stand up with the crawl. Momment this highly-awaited wait! Supervision could be reduced if puppy suckle enough already own.
* 4 to Sunday, puppy already strong enough to be given additional food to prepare himself separate from the parent. First you can use under-age pap 6month. Give it the pulp 1x a day for 2 days, then 2x a day for 4 days (can be mixed dogfood with water). Do continue to gradually consume puppy dogfood only.
* Separating parent not be direct. puppy can separate in their own pens and fed dogfood neckline 4x a day. Try every day to 1x on the parent. Do not be left up to the parent 24hours not breastfeeding, due care will become stale and toxic to children.
Continue to do 2-3 days. After it was all puppy consume dog food.

We hope you succeed!

good luck..

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