Do you know why you were born on the Earth

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         Some bright kids at the age of around three years would ask their mother, “Mamma, where did I come from?  Who am I?”

         Most of them would accept the ‘Stork theory’ although they may not quite fully  believe it and possibly  keep the idea in their mind for verifying later on as they grow up..

         And today as adults,  all of us too could pose the same question, “Why did God create me and the millions of human beings  (both men and women) to dwell on the Earth?”

          God did not tell the world why He brought to life the first man and woman and put them in garden of Eden and in course of time   to multiply. Perhaps He wanted us to find out ‘why’.  Nor does the Bible give any idea about it.[Incidentally, the Holy Bible is the only religious Book that talks about the origin  of  Earth and Human beings and no other of any religion. True, Quran also does.  But  it came centuries later  and one could notice its similarity with the Bible !].

           It’s a fact that  the Bible is not a book from A to Z.  Many things  and truths have been quoted out of sequence. It is only  by studying  and connecting up various references  that one could one form a  picture on any event.  Even here, you may have to apply your logic and interpret it according to your understanding.  Here is my interpretation  of the purpose behind the  Creation..

          Before the Earth came into being, there was Heaven.   Heaven is God’s abode – the Creator God’s.  Did it or does it have any other persons besides God?  Yes, indeed.  Heaven is inhabited by angels. God could produce an angel just by word of mouth and they come to life  as ‘adults’ straightway.  There is nothing known as ‘;baby angels, ‘boy angels’ ‘adult angels, ‘aged angels’ etc.‘ They don’t grow like us.  They remain the same for ever. Angels are eternal and holy ;  once produced, they don’t  die. Their body chemistry could be something unique. Probably there is no blood circulation in it.  They may not require regular food to survive.  They may assume any body shape and possibly sex and appear and disappear at any place instantly. 

           They are a work force  to carry out any given  task and  their regular job is to worship the Creator God and keep on worshipping Him  day in and day out. What is the population of Angels in Heaven? No precise idea.  But there could be millions and millions. Is it possible that since they  didn’t have any work to do  God  perhaps  wanted to give  them some kind of job to keep them occupied  besides worshipping Him ?  

            It was at this point of thinking that God-Head  decided to create another being called “Human beings”.  They will be born as small babies in a woman’s womb, grow up gradually and become full adults say about 18 years.  Their body design would be quite different from Angels’ although their body shape  and outward appearance may be close to  that of the Angels.

           God wanted the human beings to  live elsewhere, lead a nice life, enjoy everything He would provide for them and at a certain point of time of their life, they should leave their place of birth and come to Him with a different kind of body and to live eternally with Him  alongside the Angels. It was God’s idea that the human beings in Heaven would be slightly superior to the Angels. Their job in Heaven would be primarily to worship God.

           At that time, the planet Earth was without form and shape. God  shaped it and divided the Earth into water and dry land. God would put on the Earth everything the future  human beings would need,  like various types of vegetation, cereals, pulses, animals, fish, birds primarily for food.  As regards the other requirements, God expected them to work them out by themselves.  [If you think deeply, you would come to the conclusion that everything we have as of now like our clothes, cars, cycles, electricity, aeroplanes, books, newspapers, gold, silver and other metals, fuels and all kinds of machinery in the  industries etc, have been fabricated  and produced from the raw materials found inside the Earth?  It is the human ingenuity  that did all these]

            Towards that, He would give them a good  thinking brain which would reason out every thing and  at every step, work out the various processes and direct them to the right product. 

             Possibly, the Angels do not possess  this faculty;  they probably are  not self thinking people at all;  they only know how to obey orders. 
              God must have been highly fascinated with these design  parameters  of the proposed human beings and their physical needs.  All at once He developed a sudden preference and love for them. A love slightly greater than that He had for his Angels.

               In course of time God put on  the Earth  everything required for the human beings  in six days and formed the first Man out of dust and placed him in garden of Eden.  Later, Eve was produced through one of Adam’s bones to be his companion and wife.

              God had already decided earlier that the future human beings would have to be born of a woman through the interaction between Man and Woman. Such an output   would be  a tiny one that would grow inside the womb of a woman, come out into the world after some 9 months  and grow into adulthood over the years.

               It was God’s  condition that in order to live on the Earth, one has  to be born of a woman. Angels, although they may also look like us in physical terms, cannot live on the Earth except for special sanction from the Creator God.  They would be permitted to visit the Earth on God’s orders but could never spend overnight here on their own.

               This is my interpretation of some of the contents found in the Bible.  Man or woman was not born on the Earth by accident. Our birth was because of a well planned strategy.

               How did Adam and Eve fare in garden of Eden?  Well, we all know what they did and what happened thereafter.  Did God ever regret giving Adam and Eve the power to  think, distinguish between good and evil and choose whichever is convenient at the concerned moment?  Like the Angels, couldn’t He have created the human beings  also as near robots, only to receive and obey orders? No.  In His wisdom He gave them a free will : to obey or disobey,  to do right or wrong.

                In spite of their disobedience and sin, God did not abandon the generations  that followed Adam and Eve. His love for the human beings continues to be  the same and has not diminished even by a bit.  It was a compelling love,  unfailing love , similar to the love a mother has or a father for their off springs. Will any human mother  or father ever  forsake  their children all because they had gone nuts or disobeyed them left right  and centre?  Never.

             To find  out the  effect of such a great love, we have to examine the Cross at Calvary.




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