Locate lost loved ones

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By StreetBloggers

You lost your cell phone. You tried calling the number but you forgot to take it off silence. Now what?

Your son or daughter is late getting home from school or practice. They are not answering your calls. now what?

You suspect your husband or wife maybe cheating on you and you need to find out were he or she really is. 

The simple step by steps taking below will offer you peace of mind and could save your loved ones life.

Most cell phones today have a GPS device installed. If you crash all you need to do is dial 911 from your cell phone and the network operator will be able to track your location and relay it to police.

These features also allow you to locate your lost cell phone. Companies like Sprint PCS actually charge you $20.00 but for a $300.00 cell phone it’s worth it.

If you have a child that has a cell phone adding the monthly subscription fee to your bill will be well worth it if he or she becomes lost or even worse.


The United stated federal Marshall service often uses this GPS cell phone feature to locate wanted persons. My brothers friend from high school was wanted on some criminal charges out of NJ and once the Grand Jury handed down an indictment they were able to track him down in Virginia by his cell phones GPS tracking device.
Of course you can view family access via the internet so you can know were your kids are.You can disable the GPS on your cell phone, but beware law enforcement still has access.


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