How to Survive Summer With Your Kids and Unemployed Husband

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The first few weeks are not so bad the kids enjoy playing outside all day, you get to sleep in a bit, spending time at the beach, and everyone is happy.

It’s like being on your honeymoon, but all good things must come to an end.

The Summer heat sets in and NOBODY wants to go outside and play anymore. The TV runs 24 hours a day and you begin to sing the theme to Spongbob Squarepants while trying to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

You call the school to make sure of the first day of school, but it’s still weeks away. “Is it too late to enroll in summer school?”

And what about the unemployed husband? Encourage him gently, use caution as not to let him know that spending every waking moment together is driving you CRAZY.

Take up a hobby, mine is art. I love to create something and turn around and sell it on eBay2.gif. There is something so accomplishing taking your very own idea, creating it, and then getting someone to buy it from you.
And remember Summer will be over soon, that nothing last forever, it’s always darkest before the storm, everything happens for a reason, true love never dies, yada yada yada.

Tips & Warnings

  • ask your doctor to up your meds.
  • take a walk at the park.
  • call a friend and unload all of stress to them.
  • start a blog
  • too much caffeine could make things worse

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