10 Ways to Get Romantic with Your Partner

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Romance keeps your relationship alive. Yes, this is true. Romance is like wood, to keep the fire burning. Without wood, there is no fire. Without romance, there is no more love.

If you are dating, it is easy to get into the romantic mood. Candle light dinner, midnight movie, beach stroll and so on get into your mind easily. I wonder why some of us forget these little things after marriage. The fact is each couple must live as if they are still at the dating stage after their marriage.

However, most couples would forget what they used to do when they were dating.

This is when most wives and some husbands complain about – no romance in their life, no fun, very boring life and so on. Most couples would be able to survive but there are cases when they file for divorce.

So, in order to spark romance back into your marriage, these are some simple steps to help you get started.

For Wives

  1. When your husband comes back from work, give him a peck on the cheek, make him a cup of coffee and let him rest before joining him in the shower, minutes later. (Yes, this is very suitable for housewives. If you are working, you might be able to have shower together on weekends).
  2. At night before you sleep, cuddle your husband and stroke his body. This might turn him on and thus – you know where you should be heading.
  3. Weekends are time for family. Go to a movie, eat out, have a walk in the park, go to the zoo, spend time in a bookshop, go swimming, stroll on a beach, well you get the point – do something together, do something both of you like.
  4. If there is any birthdays or anniversaries coming up, plan something special for that day.
  5. Cook for your husband. There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal. He would be pleased.

For Husbands

  1. You know you wife likes surprises. Surprise her with a gift, a book or something that she likes. Not that you have to do this everyday but occasionally, you should buy something for her, not just for birthdays or anniversaries.
  2. When you get back from work, why not give her a hug? One day, my husband came back from work and he gave me a simple hug. That hug led us to having sex in the living room. It is just that simple.
  3. When shower together, you can rub her back and she can rub yours. Oh, that sensation is amazing. Give it a try.
  4. She is not the only one who should be cooking for you, you can cook for her too. Make something simple, something she likes and she will eat it, even if it is no good.
  5. The simplest romance of all is to drive around the town and enjoy sight seeing, even if you have been living in the town for 10 years. You can try explore different areas. I do enjoy it once in a while.

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