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When you start shopping around  for a money making websites, one of the hidden gems of a great website is a great domain name. If you decide to build a website or want to increase your website earning potential you need a really good domain name. If your chosen domain is not a commonly searched name then you may be losing money. With a popular registered domain name your site will get more visitors and more

Many people are competing over good .com domain names. Many people are unaware that the good domain names are taken. What does this mean, it means the first wave of opportunity on good registered domain names has come and gone. Many people pay hundreds of dollars to bid on some of these ancient but popular domain names. There is a way around, going through spending time and money bidding for popular domain names.

There is a new wave of opportunity through .ws domain names. Global domains has an large amount of the very best names still avialable. For those that don’t know .ws means website. When picking your domain name pick a name that is relevant. Ask yourself what keyword would you look for if you were searching for your website. Look at other popular websites similar to your for ideas.
The link to view the free movie presentation is located below. To register a domain name through Global Domains it will cost $10 per month. Included witht your new money making domain new you get, hosting accounts, and up to ten email accounts, plus an easy-to-use online web site builder that will allow you to get a top notch looking web site on the web as quickly as possible. There is also a free trial period as well.


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