Critical thinking, thinking only antidote.

In times of crisis like the present, the system reveals itself. These are moments where the masks come off and show the real faces. However, with a minimum of comment, information, memory, reasoning, common sense is not so difficult to expose the fallacies and contradictions in the capitalist system, even in times of apparent prosperity. It is also possible to remove the masks to the system without waiting for them to fall alone. 

Capitalism lives appearances. Puts all the meat on the grill to appear and what is not to hide what it really is. No wonder that is supported by the tight control of the media. Iron at the same time concealed. Social control is never effective if it does not go unnoticed. However, capitalism can not avoid increasing recuestionado because they can not keep their lies are slowly uncovered. The facts contradict the speeches. The dire consequences of the capitalist system can no longer go unnoticed. The evidence can no longer be concealed or manipulated. The reality, soon or later, speaks for itself. 

I intend, as soon as possible, and the humility of an ordinary citizen that encourages the reader to question their opinions and refute their arguments, arguments to make to combat some of the fallacies that the capitalist system we continually sell all citizens . With the only weapons of common sense, reason, observation, critical thinking and freedom of memory and a minimum of information, it is also possible to fight the ideological system. Obviously, being well informed or well-formed, helps to combat these fallacies. But basically, it is not necessary to be too informed to see the contradictions in the capitalist system, bring it to the point in question. Even, sometimes, bad information is worse than a poor education or the lack of them. Information bias occurs because a bias. And there is no greater enemy of freedom of thought that prejudice. This is well know to people who handle or are responsible for filling the head since we are born of prejudice. Sometimes even worse is the information overload that prevents us from seeing the forest to see only the branches, which creates the false impression that to be “far” we are informed “well” informed. Indeed, the best way for the current system to misinform the average citizen is a lot of overwhelming information poor. No more free spirit than a child who has not been “contaminated” by the culture of their surroundings, to the point of asking questions that many adults are not already. And until proven otherwise, be able to ask is a condition sine qua non for arriving at knowledge. No questions, no answers, no search for truth, and therefore there is no knowledge. As they say, the key to understanding lies in making the right questions. 

Now might be a good time to write down the main points covered above. The act of putting it down on paper will help you remember what’s important about .

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