Extending a Notebook’s Battery Life

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A notebook computer was designed to be used with batteries.

Too many people treat their notebooks as desktops, plug them

in, leave them plugged in, then wonder why a battery, which

claimed to be good for about two and a half hours, can’t last

for one.

Others try to drain every last key stroke, so that they use

their batteries until the computer shuts off, then wonder

why, over time, they get less and less time.

To extend your battery life, follow these simple rules.

1) Never leave your notebook plugged in over night.

2) Never leave it plugged in when it is not being used.

3) Never go to the last drop, when you get the low battery

   warning, finish up and shut down naturally.

4) Near a power source, use your battery, and stop when you

   have about thirty minutes left, then plug in the computer,

   and continue.

5) Use your battery at least every day, even for a short


6) When you buy a new computer, plug it in, use it until

   the battery is fully charged, unplug it, use it until

   it runs to the low battery warning, plug it in, charge

   it, then let it run down again. Follow this method for

   two or three days.

7) After about six months, wrap your battery in a few

   plastic bags and put it into the freezer for a few

   hours.  Move it to the fridge for about thirty minutes

   then put it into your computer.  This will act as a

   kind of reactivation of your battery.

8) When your notebook is three years old, before putting

   the battery into the freezer, softly knock it against

   wood for about two minutes before insertion into the

   plastic bag.

9) If you are in a very hot environment, let your battery

   sleep in the fridge at night.  Always put it into plastic

   to prevent moisture damage.

By using the battery, letting it discharge, and recharging it

you keep it healthy.  But stopping all procedures by placing

it into the freezer, you extend it’s life.

Many people who have ‘never’ used their batteries find that

they run down, so that after a year, they might need


This is also experienced by those who leave their notebooks

always plugged in.

Using a product for what it is made for; a notebook

is made to be portable and operated by batteries,

is how one extends it’s life.


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