A Beginners Guide to the Night Club

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Nightclubs may seem like a place where the rules of regular society dont apply but there are a few unwritten rules that should be observed to ensure that you dont end up ruining someone elses night while you’re having fun, after all you wouldnt enjoy it if a stranger ruined your night so you shouldnt really do it to anyone else.

1. Alcohol.

Alcohol is a fairly common thing in nightclubs and the majority of people will probably be drinking to help them unwind and perhaps to gain the courage to approach someone new. The temptation is always there to drink more than you can really handle. This should be avoided at all costs, even when you ignore the health problems that over-indulgence can bring there are plenty of reasons not to go out and get as drunk as possible. The hangover is possibly the best reason, you may enjoy yourself while your drinking but you will pay for it the next morning. Another problem is that while a few drinks might make you more confident in yourself and a better conversationalist too much generally turns people into dickheads. Your loud, your obnoxious, you can barely talk let alone walk in a straight line and that dancing you think makes you look like a star is probably not doing you any favours with anyone.

2. Clothes

Dress to impress but dont worry too much. You dont have to dress designer but try to make sure your clothes are clean and in good condition. On a sidenote, clothes should generally remain on your person at all times. Many people get the mysterious urge to strip down once they’ve had a few drinks and this is generally not desirable for others and people tend to get very embarrassed when they remember all their naked antics the morning after. Save the nudity for later if you manage to find yourself someone special, which brings us to . . .

3. Sex

Many people go to clubs to find it and as such there are a few things to keep in mind as you approach that guy/girl your interested in. They may seem like common sense but a combination of booze, nerves and hornyness has been known to make people forget basic conversational skills and opt for the cheesy chat up lines, heres a newsflash THEY DONT WORK. Just be yourself and talk about something, try not to start a conversation by talking about how hot someone looks. A complement can break the ice well though try complementing what they’re wearing or their haircut rather than their physical appearance though. For a smoker asking for a lighter can be a brilliant way to start a conversation as its an innocent question and If they do have one which most smokers will it will take some time to give it to you and for you to light a cigarette allowing you to start a conversation.

While talking try not to dominate the conversation with talk about yourself, ask questions but dont try and drag information from them, if someones not talking that much they may just be shy but they could be not interested in you. If this is the case the only thing to do is to move on, dont be pushy or rude just end the conversation and go on your way. Not only will obsessing over it ruin your night it’ll ruin theirs as well.

4. Dancing

When people go to clubs they like to dance, there are people who dont dance but the dancers usually manage to have more fun. The main thing that stops people dancing is being self-concious and thinking that they cant dance or that people will stare at them if they try. This isnt really the case, most people are self-concious when they dance in public and even if you cant dance youll probably not be the worst dancer in the place. Ignoring your nerves and just going for it can be what turns a good night into a brilliant one, just try not to hit anyone else if your dance turns into some sort of drunken limb flailing contest with your friends. That will probably earn you a punch.


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