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Everyone loves free samples, especially in this time of economic turmoil.  I’ve compiled a list of 100% free sample sites that never charge a fee and have sent me my free sample.  Check back often for updates!

This is a great site that updates it’s freebies frequently.  I’ve found tons of useful freebies and free samples here so I highly recommend this site.  It’s one of my favorites!

Freeflys is another one of my favorites. It’s been on the news and featured as one of America’s top Free Sample sites.  I like it because every week, my mailbox is full of new samples!

These are great sites for any new parent or any parent that needs free baby/child stuff (that would be the majority!).  When I signed up, I got a free breastfeeding kit and breastfeeding coupons!  Don’t worry, they both have formula kits and coupons too not to mention diapers, baby food plus many more.

Healthy Samples

Here are my favorite healthy sample sites.

These samples were sent to me fast!

Great Samples for your mind! I really liked the soothing oil sample I got a week after signing up.

Great dieting free samples for those that want to lose weight in addition to becoming healthier

This is a free email series that lets you view Q&A with a real doctor. It’s very helpful and a great addition to your healthy samples!

If you or someone you know has Diabetes, this will come in useful.

Free Contact Samples:

Free Book Sample and Bookmarks.  Not just did I get a free book, but it was one I really enjoyed.


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