My Experience With Bukisa

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I have been writing for some time now and have joined a few different sites over the past few months to try and find the best place on the internet till date to post. I must say my experiences were all different with each site I joined. Some good, some bad, and some just ok but then I was guided to this site by a friend of mine.

I joined last week and have nothing but good reviews of the place thus far. The people here seem very nice, which is one of my pep pives. I enjoy what I do and having great friends helps alot. I have found many people who have been friends on other sites here also.We seem to find each other where ever we go, which is a wonderful thing.

My transition here has been well received and I feel very comfortable now. I believe Bukisa is going to rise to the top of the ranking scale on the internet in no time. Posting is very easy and the guidelines here are much different than other places. The money you can make here seems to be very good with the downline process involved.Ya there are a few limitations with things that can be posted, but Iam sure with some time the bugs will get worked out and the administation of this site will figure out what we all as writers are looking for.

My honest opinion of any site is that we the writers make the site what it is. Without us there would be no sites at all. The internet is a powerful tool for us and with the help of sites like Bukisa we are learning the ins and outs and dos and dont of what the internet and the people behind the sites have to offer.

I feel my new found relationship with Bukisa will be a lasting one. I love my friends and love to write without any issues of what I am writing about. Bukisa feels like a new found safe haven for all of us to do what we enjoy, write! I feel with the help from each person here and the ones behind the scenes we all will prosper and relax and enjoy this new found addiction, Bukisa.

To all of my friends who came from other sites and found me, thank you so much for your support, and for all the new friends I am sure I will make, thank each and everyone of you for being a friend to me and for all that you offer in your posts.

I am sure we the writiers will make this a wonderful place to spend many hours in and enjoy.


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