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The oldest and best guidebook to the internet and the things available there is The Internet Tourbus, a web site and bi-weekly newsletter authored by Bob Rankin and Patrick Crispen, two mages of the computer world.
The web site is available at Besides the current issue of the newsletter, they have archives of Torubus newsletters back to 1995. 
Bob Rankin is, among other things, a tech writer, an author and a computer programmer who also gives free computer advice on a separate web site, Ask Bob Rankin ( He puts out an email newsletter with regular updates on topics he covers there. You can also email him for free advice on a range of topics, from the internet to Windows, and even Linux.
Patrick Crispen is an educational program designer for the Center for Scholarly Technology at the University of Southern California (USC). Both he and Bob Rankin have enough other qualifications, degrees, and jobs to take up at least an extensive article each.
Mr. Crispen provides an offbeat sense of humor to The Internet Torubus with his jocular, completely made up descriptions of his current home town, along with contrived definitions of the town name. In a recent example, he said “Howdy, y’all, and happy new year from deep behind the orange curtain in beautiful Irvine, California, where cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of today’s post. Thank you for helping us help you help us all.”
Two frequent features of the Internet Tourbus are a “Rider’s Revenge” where regular readers write short descriptions of their own favorite web sites not covered before in Tourbus. There’s also an annual list of Bob Rankin’s best advice and web info.
There’s a cornucopia of info just waiting. So, follow the Torubus motto: “Why surf when you can ride the Bus?”.

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