Mexican Vampires

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Mexican Vampires are almost exactly like regular Vampires excpect that Mexican Vampires’ weakeness are tall electric fence’s that are made out of garlic. If you see a Mexican Vampire, they will probably want some bean enchilada’s, but do not give them any enchilada’s or money because they’ll make a camp outside you’re house and never leave. After a few weeks, they will make a coloney of Mexican Vampires and start celebrating The Day of The Dead and resurect all of your dead battery’s and try to sell them on eBay for chunk change for more Bean Enchilada’s but will soon give up because Mexican Vampires can’t afford the Internet. Here is what we believe to be a real pictures of the Mexican Vampire:

Here are a few options you can use to kill the Mexican Vampire:

1) If he asks for a Bean Enchilada, make him a Garlic Burrito instead.
2) Ask him for his rent and he’ll run faster then the Gingerbread Man.
3) Steal one of his babies.

Make sure to do any of those steps to get rid of your Mexican Vampire.

Salt, Acid, and Wooden Stakes do not work on the Mexican Vampire as much as the Regular Vampire. They will weaken it but it will not destroy it. But remember kids, when all else fails, curb-stop the shit out of anything in site.

A few places you might encounter the Mexican Vampire:
In Mexico, near the border of Mexico, on the sidewalk selling oranges, and on a farm, because they do work for less and make everyone’s life easier.


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