Subcultures associated with Motorcycles

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Over the years, motorcycles have become one of the most popular and widely used forms of transportation.  With new advances in technology that make motorcycles faster, safer, and more comfortable, its popularity continues to grow.  Naturally, the fascination people have with motorcycles has led them to seek the company of others who share their fascination.

Subcultures can form around almost any aspect of a motorcycle.  They can form around different types of motorcycles, (e.g. “cruisers” or “choppers”).  Or, they can form around the activities associated with motorcycles such as racing or extreme sports like motocross.

One subculture associated with motorcycles is the “tough guy” group. They are easily identified by their “choppers”, their motorcycle of choice.  Harley-Davidson’s are one of the motorcycle brands that are prominent among this subculture.  The distinct sound of their motorcycle engines also makes this group easily recognizable.  The main members of this group tend to usually be middle-aged.

Another subculture associated with motorcycles is the “mod” or “modification” group.  This group can be considered part of the previous subculture.  This group also prefers “choppers”, mainly for their ability to be easily customized.  The motorcycles that they create are truly works of art.  They come in a wide assortment of colors and frame designs.  Everyday from front forks to mufflers can be customized.  Specialized designs can also be placed on the motorcycles. The members of this group are also usually middle aged.

Another Subculture is the “racing motorcycle” group.  This subculture is also characterized by the type of motorcycles they prefer.  These motorcycles are usually from Asian manufacturers and are designed for racing.  They have highly stylized designs and high acceleration power.  They are built for speed.  The majority of the members of this group are usually young adults.

Yet another group associated with motorcycles is the “extreme sports” group.  This group isn’t necessarily characterized by the type of motorcycle they ride, but rather the activities that they participate in.  These activities include racing and jumping events.  Racing events are the same as on-road races except that there are usually many tight turns and jumps.  The motorcycles they ride have knobby tires and a specially designed suspension to accommodate for these rigorous events.  In jumping events, riders jump off ramps with their motorcycles and perform tricks while in mid-air.  These stunts are very dangerous, although they are quite spectacular, and require years of practice.  The members of this group usually range from teenagers to young adults.


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