How to benefits from Traffic Exchange

Do you know that you can make money by using traffic exchange just one hour a day? Try to vision a funnel in your mind where a visitor come in a narrow end and out thru a larger end. This is what this site will do to you. A vistior come to your site might come out signing 2 or 3 or more sites under you.

The process is easy:

-1) You need to sign up: . It’s free

-2) Scroll thru the programs to see which one you like to join. it work best if you could join them all.

-3) If you join a program or program then your left panel click on ” update programs info” to add you username .

-4) Still from the left side panel click on ” Add/Edit New Programs” to ad your own programs. You are allowed to add 3 programs at 3 level deeps.

The site use html language when add in a progrm which means you can copy and paste banner code to the site. Take a look at my page:  I then use traffic exchange to promote. You may have many traffic exchange of your own. Traffic exchange is a big business and there are many out there.

On the page:  The first program is Bukisa, you can just plug in your user name. The second is free and I am making money from it. The third one cost $12 to upgrade but you can sign up for free and upgrade later. The last one is my favorite. For $2 you can have 1,000,000 banner ads and 1,000,000 text ads. Your text ad and banner ad will shown on and thruout their network sites. Plus you can make money at the same time. I make $11 from it.

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