Runescape Introduction to Runecrafting

Runecrafting is an easy and essential skill in Runescape. It is useful for the magic skill to make runes from scratch, as buying a large number of runes is very expensive. Runecrafting is also an easy way to earn a lot of money very quickly. There are a wide variety of runes that can be crafted, including air, water, fire, earth, mind, body, cosmic, chaos, nature, law, death, and blood runes. With such a wide variety of runes to choose from, building up runecrafting experience can be very useful. Making runes is a simple process that everyone can and should learn.

In order to make runes, players first need to complete the Rune Mysteries quest, which is fairly easy. Once finished, many different characters in Runescape offer transportation to the rune essence. The most convenient of these characters is Aubury, who works in the Varrock Magic Shop, because the east Varrock bank is very close by.

Once at the rune essence, players can mine essence from any rune essence rock. There are two kinds of essence: regular and pure. All non-members and members with a mining level lower than 30 will mine regular essence; members with a mining level 30 or higher will mine pure essence. Regular essence can be used to make air, water, earth, fire, body, and mind runes. Pure essence can be used to make all runes, and is the only kind that can be used to make cosmic, chaos, astral, nature, law, death, and blood runes. Pure essence is more expensive than regular essence because it can be used for a greater variety of runes. It is more efficient to put a large stock of essence in the bank and then start crafting runes.

In order to craft a certain type of rune, players must first find its altar. They can be found with a talisman by using the locate option, which gives the direction the altar is relative to a player’s current location. However, this is not necessary, as the locations of the altars are finite and well-known. The air altar is south of Falador. The mind altar is north of Falador and east of the Goblin Village. The water altar is in the Lumbridge Swamp. The earth altar is northeast of Varrock. The fire altar is northeast of Al Kharid. The body altar is southwest of Edgeville. These altars can be accessed by all players.

However, the cosmic, chaos, astral, nature, law, death, and blood altars can only be used by members. The cosmic altar is in the Lost City of Zanaris. The chaos altar is northwest of Edgeville, in the Wilderness. The astral altar is on Moonclan Island. The nature altar is north of Shilo Village on Karamja Island. The law altar is on Entrana Island. The death altar is inside the Temple of Light. The blood altar is beneath Meiyerditch.

Players must use a talisman or tiara at an altar to craft runes. Talismans are easily obtained as rewards from various quests or drops from monsters. Talismans, however, require an inventory space, so tiaras are preferable because they can be worn. Tiaras are made with a talisman and a silver tiara at the corresponding altar, and crafting them gives runecrafting experience. Players must bring a talisman or a tiara to the desired altar to be able to craft runes.

At first, players can only make one rune for each essence. As their runecrafting level increases, however, they will be able to craft multiple runes per essence. This is most beneficial with air runecrafting, as players can make up to ten runes per essence at higher levels. However, crafting multiple runes from one essence only gives runecrafting experience for one rune.

Members have the option of wearing runecrafting pouches, which let them carry extra essence while mining and crafting runes. They are obtained after the Zamorak Mage’s Runecrafting quest, or can be found in the loot of the Abyssal Creatures in the Abyss. There are four different pouch sizes, with room for 3, 6, 9, or 12 extra essences. Pouches degrade over time, and they carry fewer essences, but they can be repaired by the Dark Mage in the Abyss.

Members also have the option of making combination runes, which mix two elemental runes (air, water, earth, and fire) to make a single, more advanced rune. Mist runes are air and water; dust runes are air and earth; mud runes are water and earth; smoke runes are air and fire; steam runes are water and fire; lava runes are earth and fire. To make combination runes, players need rune essence, one type of elemental rune, and one talisman for each of the combined elements, and they need to go to the opposite elemental altar of the runes that they brought. For example, to craft dust runes, a player could bring rune essence, air runes, an air talisman, and an earth talisman to the earth altar. Using the talismans with the altar will make the combined runes. The talismans will be depleted. Combination rune crafting normally only has a 50% success rate. However, wearing a necklace of binding will give a 100% success rate. These necklaces can be made by enchanting an emerald necklace.

Runecrafting is a very beneficial skill in more ways than one. It lets players gain mining, runecrafting, and magic experience. It can also yield a great deal of money very quickly. Although the process of making runes may at times be tedious, its rewards more than make up for the monotony.

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