Runescape Guide to Air Runecrafting

Crafting air runes is one of the most lucrative activities on Runescape. Runes cannot be reused, so there is always a demand for more. A player who is adept at crafting runes will flourish quickly, and this is doubly true for air runes, which are required in the majority of spells. Air runes are the first runes that players can make, and they are the only ones that pay for themselves many times over when sold. Crafting air runes is an excellent way to earn money, and the process is very simple.

First, players must complete the Rune Mysteries quest. This is a fairly simple quest, and once it is finished, they will be allowed to mine rune essence. Players will also be given an air talisman upon its completion, which is used to make air runes.

Players can reach the rune essence by talking to Wizard Sedridor on the lower level of the Wizard Tower or Aubury in the rune shop in Varrock. Aubury is the more convenient of the two, as the east bank of Varrock is located close by. Like any ore, rune essence can be mined with a pickaxe. A large number of essences are needed to make a lot of runes and, consequently, a lot of coins. Players can also buy rune essence from the Grand Exchange, although this is expensive and does not earn any money until the player can produce many runes from one essence.

Once they have enough rune essences, players must go to the air altar, which is located in the field south of Falador. An air talisman or tiara is needed to craft runes. Goblins sometimes drop air talismans, and it is a reward for the Rune Mysteries quest. Tiaras, however, are preferable because they can be worn and therefore do not require inventory space. An air tiara can be crafted with a talisman and a silver tiara at the altar.

The closest bank to the air altar is in Falador. Players should run back and forth between the bank and the altar, carrying a full inventory of rune essence. It is best not to wear any armor, as this greatly depletes running stamina. Rune essence bank notes do not work on the altars; only actual rune essence will do. Crafting one air rune gives five runecrafting experience points. If a player is wearing a Lumbridge explorer’s ring, then he or she will get extra runes as well.

At higher runecrafting levels, it is very easy to make a large profit from crafting air runes. This is because players at higher levels can craft more than one rune per rune essence: two per rune at level 11, three per rune at level 22, four per rune at level 33, and so on. Producing mass amounts of other runes will not get the same return on effort as air runes do when the maker has a high runecrafting ability. It is important to note, however, that while high-level players will get more runes per essence, they will still only receive experience for one rune.

Crafting air runes can certainly be monotonous. Boredom is a major opponent, especially for more experienced players, who have more difficulty in advancing levels. However, the rewards for massive air runecrafting are immense in both money and experience, and it is definitely worth the tedium.

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