Runescape Guide to Varrock

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Varrock is one of the grandest cities in Runescape. It lies between Lumbridge, the Wilderness, and the Barbarian Village. It is easily accessed by walking or by teleportation to the center plaza. Varrock is a very populous city, teeming with players and NPC’s, riddled with various houses, buildings, and shops. The city has many attractions to all players: aside from its large palace, it is involved in many quests, contains two guilds, and has countless shops and attractions. Every player should get to know Varrock, because it is important to all aspects of Runescape life.

Like the castle in Lumbridge, the focal point of Varrock is its palace. Located to the north of the plaza, the palace is where the royalty and guards of Varrock live. Outside the castle, there are fountains, several high-level trees, and an entrance to the Varrock sewers. There are many richly decorated rooms, including a fully-equipped kitchen and a chapel, and there are a multitude of guards and officials scattered throughout. Players can find Sir Prysin and Captain Rovin, who are important in the Demon Slayer quest, as well as King Roald, who is important in the Shield of Arrav quest.

Many different quests take place in or involve Varrock. In the Shield of Arrav quest, players must interact with the Black Arm Gang and the Phoenix Gang, which have headquarters on opposite sides of the city. In the Romeo and Juliet quest, players help Juliet evade her oppressive father and marry Romeo. In the Demon Slayer quest, players vanquish the evil demon Delrith. These quests take place exclusively in Varrock. The city is also important to several other quests; it is the starting point for the Dragon Slayer quest, a leg in the Rune Mysteries quest, a source of vampire information in the Vampire Slayer quest, and has a chest vital to the Pirate’s Treasure quest. A cornucopia of quests is linked intrinsically with Varrock.

There are two guilds in Varrock: the cooking guild and the champion’s guild. Players can enter the cooking guild when they have level 32 cooking and a chef’s hat, which can easily be bought or obtained by killing ogres. The cooking guild includes many useful respawns and amenities, like stoves and a sink. There is also a mill and a small field of wheat in the back so chefs can make their own flour. To enter the champion’s guild, players need at least 33 quest points, which are obtained by completing quests. This is the starting point of the dragon slayer. Varrock contains two of only six guilds available to nonmembers.

One of the main reasons that Varrock is so popular is because it contains so many shops and areas of commerce. Most notable, of course, is the Grand Exchange, where almost every item in Runescape can be bought or sold by players in all the worlds. There is also a general store that sells basic supplies and also allows players to buy and sell other items. Zaff’s Superior Staffs sells regular staffs, elemental staffs, and battlestaffs. Thessalia’s Fine Clothes sells basic clothes, and also offers a complete makeover to change default clothing for 1000 coins. The Varrock Swordshop sells various swords, longswords, and daggers. Lowe’s Archery Emporium sells arrows and all archery equipment. Horvik’s Armor shop sells a variety of chainbodies, platebodies, and platelegs. There is an apothecary, where players can buy strength potions, and a rune shop, where they can buy basic and special runes. There are also several stalls in the central square that sell furs and newspapers. Varrock is Runescape’s center of business where nearly every item can be obtained or sold.

Aside from the shops, the city contains many appealing amenities, some of which are found in every city, and some of which are unique to Varrock. There are two mining spots: one in the southwest that has tin, silver, iron and clay, and one in the southeast that has iron, copper and tin. Outside the southeast mine, there are redberry and cadava bushes for cooking, dyes, and quests. In the northeast is the earth temple, which is used to craft earth runes with an earth talisman or tiara. In the far north is the boundary to the Wilderness, which is dangerous and contains many high-level monsters. Inside the city walls, there are two banks and a church for restoring prayer points. The smithing tutor and three anvils are located to the south of the west bank. There is also a rune shop where players can be transported to the rune essence after completing the Rune Myseries quest. Truly, the extent and variety of amenities in Varrock are astounding.

With so many buildings, quests, guilds, shops, and amenities to offer, it’s no wonder that Varrock is such a popular city. All players would benefit from an understanding of this thriving metropolis.


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