Runescape Quest Guide: Imp Catcher

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The Imp Catcher quest is one of the easier quests on Runescape. It is a rather odd quest, because it can take place all over Runescape. It requires the ability to defeat level two imps, but this is a very easy skill to acquire. It also does not require the completion of any other quests. To finish the quest, you need to obtain a red, yellow, black, and white bead by killing imps, which can be found all around Runescape and do not always drop beads.

This quest can be completed in five easy steps. They are as follows:

1. To start, go to the Wizard’s tower, which is south of Draynor Village and west of Lumbridge. You need to walk along a long stone bridge to reach the tower.

2. Go up the steps to the third floor. There should be a wizard called Mizgog in one of the rooms.

3. Talk to Mizgog and ask him for a quest. The wizard will say that he needs your help to recover four stolen magical beads. His enemy, the wizard Grayzag, has employed imps to scatter the beads throughout the realm. He wants you to get them back for him.

4. a. There are two ways of completing this step, which involves acquiring the beads. The easiest method of doing this is buying the beads from the Grand Exchange. However, the beads are fairly expensive, costing hundreds of coins each, and they are also rare. You may find yourself waiting a long time for someone to sell the beads on the GE.

4. b. The second method of completing this step is killing imps until you get the beads. This is the more laborious of options, but it will give you fighting experience and various drops from the imps. The imps are spread all throughout Runescape, but they are commonly grouped south of Falador and around the entrances to Varrock. When fighting imps, you should turn on your run mode, because imps often teleport away while in battle. Having run mode on will let you follow the imp quickly on foot so it does not escape from you. This option requires a good deal of patience, because more often than not, imps drop items other than beads, like bread, pots, or berries.

5. Once you have acquired the four beads, return to the Wizard’s Tower. Go back up to the third floor and talk to the wizard Mizgog. He will take them gratefully. This is the end of the quest.

Congratulations! With hopefully very little effort, the quest is complete. As a reward, you get one quest point and 875 magic experience points. You also get an amulet of accuracy, which boosts your accuracy for combat, magic, and ranging by four points.


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