Runescape Quest Guide: Romeo and Juliet

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The Romeo and Juliet quest is one of the easier quests on Runescape. It takes place in Varrock, and is open to both members and non-members. It requires no special skills or the completion of other quests. Furthermore, the only supply that is necessary is one bunch of cadava berries. These can be picked outside of Varrock’s southern walls, just above the western mining spot.

This quest can be completed in eight easy steps. They are as follows:

1. To start, talk to Juliet in her house in western Varrock. She says that she is in love with Romeo and wants to send him a love letter. She asks you if you have seen him, and if you say that you have, she will give you the letter to give to him.

2. Take the letter to Romeo, who can be found wandering around Varrock square, usually somewhere near the fountain. Romeo says that he and Juliet want to be married, but her father will not let them and will kill him if they are wed. He tells you to talk to Father Lawrence at the Varrock Church, who may be able to help them get married secretly.

3. Go to the Varrock Church and speak to Father Lawrence, who tells you to have the apothecary make a sleeping potion for Juliet.

4. Go to the apothecary in his shop. He says that he need cadava berries to make the potion.

5. Pick the cadava berries in southern Varrock and bring them back to the apothecary. He will make the sleeping potion.

6. Go back to Juliet’s house and give her the potion. When Juliet drinks the potion, she falls into a coma, and looks dead. Phillipa finds Juliet and sobs because she thinks she is dead. Juliet’s father comes and is likewise saddened by the apparent death of his daughter. They take her to the family crypt.

7. Talk to Romeo. When you explain what has happened and where Juliet is, he will bring you with him to Juliet’s crypt to wait until she awakens because he is too scared to go by himself.

8. Phillipa enters the crypt while you and Romeo are still there. Romeo, who is daftly convinced that Juliet is actually dead, discovers that Phillipa is “a fox” and decides that he likes her better. He leaves Juliet and departs with Phillipa. This is the end of the quest.

Congratulations! With only minimal effort, the quest is complete. As a reward, you get five quest points.


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