Are you kidding me?

Professional sports are prone to it.  It doesn’t matter what you play, you’re always going to have a guy that doesn’t care about his team enough to keep his mouth shut, or makes bad decisions and costs them big time.

One of the latest to fall into this category is Manny Ramirez.  He was suspended for 50 games after he used a fertility drug for women that is typically used after a cycle of steroid use.  Manny apologized, and was immediately forgiven.  At-least by the city of Los Angeles.  After all, he’s “the messiah” of the Dogder.  After requiring Ramirez at the 2008 trade deadline, the Dodgers went on an 18-5 tear and reached the playoffs.  So as far as they’re concerned, if he hits, they’re happy.  But the drugs and suspension isn’t what placed him in this category. It’s the coverage that he’s getting.  E.S.P.N interrupted their broadcast of the College World series to show the slugger strike and ground out in two minor league at-bats.  The world needs to get over this guy.

“I’m crazy, but I aint stupid.” Said then Chad Johnson in an interview with Stephen A. Smith.  The self- absorbed wide out changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco in August of 2008.  Just showing you how ignorant this man is, the proper translation of 85(his number) is ochenta y cinco.  He’s talked about wanting to be traded many times but says he loves Cincinnati. Get your story straight!  He’s got a lot of talent, but his personality over-shadows it.

Probably the worst of these three, in terms of team distraction, is Terrell Owens.  Whether its answering questions while doing sit-ups, or crying after losing a playoff game, America can’t get enough of this guy.  You would occasionally see T.O Yelling at someone on the sideline, most likely because of not getting the ball on a previous drive.  It’s not like his teammates don’t watch T.V, they probably see his off the field antics, and surely they’re not happy about his actions.  But this new season brings a seemingly changed Terrell Owens.  With a new team and attitude, we don’t know what the future holds for the new Buffalo Bills star.

Infact, we dont know what the future holds for any of these stars. But based on past actions, it’s not likely to be bright.

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