How to preserve the life span of your Cat

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Cats can make wonderful pets and there are some simple ways in which you can help them preserve their lives and improve their overall health.  First, no matter what the breed, keeping your cat indoors adds years to their lives.  Housing a cat indoors keep them safe from other predators, diseases, and chance of being struck by a car.

 Next, by keeping your cat current with vaccinations and a general check-up at least once a year is a good idea.  In addition, once the cat reaches maturity (about age 3), it is best to give them dry food only.  Wet food is ok once in a while; consider sticking with dry food 90% of the time.  Also, purchasing more expensive specialty cat food such as IAMS would be better for the health and digestion of your cat.

 Specialty cat foods provide a higher nutrient content and the food is made from better cuts of meats and contains little to no by-products.  Make sure you change their water daily and brush their fur at least 2x per week.  Although cats groom themselves, it is still important to brush their coat with a soft brush.

 Cat treats are a great way to reward your cat once in a while.  In addition, cat treats normally strengthen the teeth and provide some form of tarter control, which aids in fighting some gum diseases.  Also, toys with catnip can keep your cat occupied and it gives them a form of exercise.  Remember, cats spend a good part of the day sleeping.


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