Erin Andrews Peephole Video Link Probably Has a Virus Now


It appears that a lot of the internet-surfing public who tuned out on Friday afternoon is just now getting acquainted with the story about Erin Andrews’ peephole video. A few idiots are even searching for Aaron Andrews. For those of you late to the party, you can find one of the most complete summaries here.
Here’s the elevator version: some perv taped Andrews naked, through a peephole, and without her knowledge. The video has been online since February but somehow nobody noticed until last week. Her lawyers dropped the hammer on bloggers in an attempt to find the source, which only made the news bigger.
Now here’s the catch: if you find the Erin Andrews video online now, it will likely be loaded with a virus, because hackers know you’re searching for contraband. So, be smart about where you stick your mouse. Trying to find it on a blog is for amateurs anyway.

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