Freelance writing: Infobarrel website review

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If you’re looking for a new website to write for you can try infobarrel. It’s a new website that is very similar to all other existing website on the net. They do have stricter rules there. It’s similar to ehow. You can post articles, videos, photos and more. They will pay via google adsense. They will go through your articles first and then approve it. I have seen a lot of readers and writers on there already. They won’t take duplicate content.

Infobarrel is from Canada. They are a bit formal over there. I went to their website and found that they also offer paid to write opportunity. The website is similar to ehow or Xomba where you submit your articles on any topic that you like and get paid with Google adsense. You have to sign up for a Google adsense account. I saw that the traffic is fast there. Most of the articles on that website gets anywhere from 300-600 page views which is very high. I think it has to do with the fact that the content is unique. The one difference between them and other website is that they are strict with their submission guidelines. They will not allow auto publish. You will have an account manager. You will be assigned to an account manager and they will go through your articles and decide if they want to publish it or not. You might not get to publish all that you want to publish. however, if you have unique content they might want to post it.

They have really high page views there. I saw the articles on that website and it’s high quality and lengthy too. You can give it a shot to see if it will work out for you. It might if you have the patience for it. I was reading their editorial guidelines and they seem to have way too much requirements. I was tired by the time I finish scrolling down their editorial requirements. I think that people will not join if you are too demanding. It might scare people away. They have Google adsense running on their website. They seem friendly but their requirements are way too demanding. It’s a new opportunities for those that are looking for another site to write for. Hopefully they will loosen up in the future because they only have Google adsense running but they are way too strict. Comparing to other websites, they are stricter. You can auto publish any time that you like on Xomba and Hubpages. You can also auto publish on Helium or Ehow so I don’t see why they should be scanning for every little thing. If you’re patience and just really want to sign up, you can try and see what will happen. I hope that they will be easier one of these day.


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