When healthcare provider steals your medication

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It’s unbelievable to have healthcare providers that steal your medication. One story about a healthcare employee would really open your eyes on the unethical problems that exist in the hospital. I’ve experienced these myself but there are some more on the News too. According to CNN, a surgical tech, Kristen Diane Parker, who worked at Rose Medical Center in Denver, took patient’s analgesic and inject herself with it. She swapped the syringes and put it back on the table for use.  It was weird how no one saw her while she was snooping around. She had hepatitis and the syringes passed on to many patients at the hospital while she was working there. Several thousands patients were infected by it.

According to CNN, the number of patients who might have been infected was hundreds or even thousands at Rose Medical center. The medication was Fentanyl. It was a pain medication. She admitted that she took the patient’s Fentanyl each time to the bathroom and injects herself with it. She then replaced it with saline water and put it back on the tray. The problem was that she had hepatitis C. The hospital knew that she had hepatitis C but allowed her to work and taught her ways to prevent infection to patients. The only way that Hepatitis C can be transferred is through blood, bodily fluid or used needles which in this case are used needles. She told investigators that she might have contracted hepatitis C while sharing needles with other heroin users in New Jersey in 2008. She worked at Rose medical center from October, 2008 to April 2009. She’s now in jail and ready for trial. She cried during her interview.

She infected nine patients who had surgery at Rose’s medical center. These patients tested positive for hepatitis C. Parker. I would be shock if I was the patients.  How did the hospital found out about her case? She was caught in an operating room where she wasn’t allowed to be there. She quit right afterward and they tested her for drugs. She tested positive for fentanyl and the hospital management contacted the DEA. She was then investigated and arrested. This is the first at that hospital. I have never heard of things like this before.

She is now in federal custody. She was charged with three drug related cases. She could face up to 20 years in prison if she was found to cause serious damage to the patients. If any of the patients die from hepatitis infection, she could face life in prison. What is Rose hospital doing at this time? They are contacting patients to let them know about the problem.


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