Halloween costume can be made at home

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All it takes is some supplies and you can have a cool costume for Halloween. You can make them from home. I always come up with creative ways to make costume from home because it’s special and fun. You don’t have to wear the one they made from store. You can make it from home. If you have a lot of kids, you can involve them in the making.

Every year there is a new trend. I wonder what will be the trend this year. Twilight will sure be one of the hot costumes this year. We will see Edward and Bella on the street this Halloween. Last year, there were people that went without clothing. They painted themselves instead. Painting is a new way to go for Halloween. You can also do that again this year. Body painting is always interesting to see. You can buy several bottle and you’re on to a new and interesting costume. They’re sold in arts and crafts store. I think it’s sexy for ladies to paint their body for parties and contests. There are always Halloween parties and contests. Instead of cutting out fabric, you can use Halloween paint and paint yourself a costume. You can paint yourself all red and be a devil or all white and be a ghost.  You can try the Hulk for kids or Lady Gaga for ladies. Lady Gaga poker face is a cute one for young girls. It doesn’t take a lot of work but a wig and a poker face.

You can go to your local store and buy supplies for costumes. There are plenty of other ways to make costume from home. One of the ways to make costume is to buy fabric from the store. If you know how to do a little sewing you can make yourself some cool costume. If you don’t know how to sew, you can also put together a costume by buying parts here and there. Pins and clips go along the way. You don’t have to follow other people’s costume. You can make your own and have fun with it. If I was to make my own costume, I would make a green hulk angel for myself. I would use green paint and buy a pair of wings to wrap around my shoulder. I would also put on some angel short and crop top.

You can have your kids help you with costume. Assembling together a costume is fun too. If you have a lot of things around your closet, you can piece together a cool costume. If you already have wigs from last year and a French maid dress, you can put together something for Halloween. You can also use anything that you have from last year or costume from work. If you’re a doctor, you can wear your scrubs and your white jacket. You can look like a doctor or a nurse and you don’t have to buy additional costume. You save some money and look right for Halloween too. You can also borrow work uniforms from family members. If they have costume that looks right for Halloween, you can borrow it. If your brother is a fire fighter, you can borrow his uniform or if your sister is a police officer, you can borrow her outfit. Who says you can’t be creative.

You can also cut and sew your own costume at home. All you need is a sewing machine and some other supplies.  It will take more work but you can do it. You can buy fabric from store like Joanne fabric and then cut them and sew them together for easy costume. You can buy white, sheer fabric, cut them out and make a ghost costume. It’s easy to make a ghost costume. You can also make a black ninja outfit from black cloth. You can wear like a black pants and a black shirt and then use the fabric to wrap around your hands and legs to make you look like a ninja. It’s easy and you can do it from home. It’s not hard and since they are Halloween costume, you don’t have to be perfect either. It can look jagged because it will be spookier that way. You can go jagged this halloween.


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