Why Americans can’t seem to lose weight

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Losing weight is such a hot topic. Why is it that people can’t seem to lose weight? Americans are currently having problems with weight. They can’t seem to lose the weight that they want. It’s a national goal to get people to lose weight. Many people struggle year after year just to get the weight off of them. What is the problem that keeps people from losing weight? I think that it’s a combination of things that keeps people from losing weight. It’s the lifestyle, food, lack of exercise, poor dieting that kept people from losing weight. People are too busy nowadays to take care of their weight. It’s not just one thing but a combination of each. It can be even more difficult if you’re a mom. It’s tough for a mom to lose weight after carrying a baby. They gain a lot of weight during pregnancy and then they’re busy taking care of the kids instead of losing weight. This is why you see a lot of moms gaining weight.

Men are leaner than women. Women have a harder time than men when it comes to weight loss. Women just get the big thighs and the big hips.  Their bodies are build to carry babies so they get fat deposited more than men. There are those that are born with genetic problems and they can’t do anything about it. They either have to get surgery or be on medication in order to control their weight. Many people suffer from genetic problems that can’t be changed. Weight is an issue and women are looking for ways to lose weight but they keep on gaining them back. I think it has to do with commitment and lifestyles. It’s hard to commit or have a healthy lifestyles in this kind of world. You have to be committed and change your lifestyle in order to lose weight. People want to lose weight but they can’t seem to stick to their dieting plan or exercising plan. They often go back to their old lifestyle which causes them to gain weight. There are some people that don’t know how to eat right either. They eat high fat food or eat at the wrong time of the day. They eat way too much fast food which is the number one food that makes you gain weight. Fast food has really high fat content. It’s better to eat a full healthy diet than fast food daily. However, many of us just can’t stop eating fast food.

I know for a fact that fast food is there to make people addicted to it. They put all those grease in there to make your taste buds happy and you keeping back. Young people can’t seem to get enough of fast food. It’s hard for people to avoid fast food since they have a hectic lifestyle. You’re on the road and the only way to eat is to stop by a fast food restaurant or a drive through because your lunch hour is not that long. Fast food is so high in fat and calories. It’s easy to gain weight with fast food. People gain weight because of a hectic lifestyle and they don’t have a lot of time dedicating to working out. For example, a mom spends all of her time taking care of her babies and she has no time to take care of herself. She’s tired by the end of the day. All she can do is fall asleep after a long day. The same goes to a dad. He has kids to take care of and at the end of the day he just wants to snooze off. People lifestyle seems to be keeping them from losing weight. Maybe we can take more out of our plate so we an have a better life.


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