Make Friends

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Realize that there is nothing wrong with you. People fear other people because they’re afraid of rejection, so you rather just be by your self … forever. Thats not good nor is it healthy no one can live in this huge world alone forever, so getting out and meeting new people is one of the best parts of life and once you start making friends you’ll see. Meeting new people can be difficult, but surely not impossible. You can meet new people just about everywhere you go. School, church, local events, work, clothing stores, your favorite hangout or restaurant. So what are you waiting for just go up to someone and introduce your self.

It’s not so easy I know. Stay in environments you’re most comfortable in. If you feel most confident in school (or where ever) then there is your chance to be your self and start a conversation. Talk about what’s going on in you local town or a big world event. Be your self BUT be your best self. After all you don’t want people to think you’re a slob. If you become scared and nervous at first thats normal keep trying you’ll get better and making new friends will become more easy no matter where you are. Make sure you make your choices wisely don’t befriend anyone who seems obviously dangerous. STAY SAFE!

Don’t forget to spend more time in crowds.

***As long as you’re safe!

The more people the better. Don’t forget to make eye contact and to be a good friend!


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