When you can’t trust police anymore

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There are shocking stories every single day and we can all learn from them. People places their trust in police officers but there can be time when they’re the bad cop. A story on CNN would send you out of your seat as you learn about his crime. CNN stated that Feliciano Sanchez, 34, a police officer in LA, California sexually assaulted a female while holding out his weapon during work. Who would think that an officer will do such thing? We can be outrageously wrong sometimes. I have read many stories like this before and this is not the first.

I also read another story on CNN las week where two married officer made out in their car while driving a suspect on the road. One was an older male Pd and one was a younger female Pd half his age. They were both married to other people of course. They captured him on the police car  camera and h resign right afterward. Several months ago, there was a story on ABC, where an officer followed women to their home and assaulted them. He was convicted afterward of course and his wife stated that he was a trusted husband.  You just never know what people are capable of nowadays. Police know your address when they run your driver license. They know where you live. They can stalk you if they’re one of those who have problems. Luckily, not that many police officers will follow you home.

Feliciano Sanchez case happened on May 16, 2007. Sanchez pulled a woman on the road over and suspected of her of a dui. He told her that her car would be towed. She had no driver’s license with her. He offered to drive her to work but he took her to an auto lot and forced her to perform inappropriate acts on him. Sanchez is now in prison under no bail. He could face up to ten years in prison. The police department in LA is just as disappointed as the victim. They said that Sanchez is the first case for the department. I don’t know what Sanchez was thinking when he was doing this act. He was a police officer and I believed he worked hard for his license. How could he do this to the ladies on the street?

People should be aware that there are police out there who would go out of line. It’s not to say that we would encounter it but there have been these unethical problems in the past. If someone is pulling you over, you should make sure that they are the police. What if they are not a police officer? They might be wearing the uniform as a disguise. It can be a real danger to women on the road and especially during the night time in places that are empty. This is something that all drivers should beware of so that they won’t become a victim.


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