Should you give cheater another chance

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Should you give cheater another chance? This is a tough question for some of us. I have encountered several of these cheating cases myself. I have never given them a second chance because I didn’t cheat on them even though I could. I didn’t need to cheat so if they cheated on me I can’t think of a reason to forgive them. When I was cheated before, I couldn’t look at the person in the eyes. I was angry and disappointed and ready to leave the relationship. They have betrayed me. It’s an insult to me and I can’t go on in a relationship like that. I knew a few of my friends who gave their cheating boyfriends a second chance but every girl is different. I knew some stories that were devastating because money and kids were involved.

I don’t believe in giving a cheater a second chance unless I did something wrong in the process like I cheated or I neglect them. It has to be something that I did to make them want to cheat on me but if I was faithful all along then I can’t forgive them. I’m not into messy relationship because I believe that men cheat again after you give them another chance. It happened to a lot of my friends. They repeat the offense and they cheated on their girlfriends again. Some women are so in love that they will give their men a second chance but I won’t. I believe in a good relationship and if the man is not capable of that then he should move on and find other people who will put up with his cheating behaviors. I know a lot of men that cheat all the time. It’s a lifestyle for some of them. They get use to it even if they were married.

I knew a guy who had two separate cell phones and they were for girlfriends and wives. He wouldn’t mix them together. I heard that he was used to the lifestyle of having wife and girlfriends. I also heard that he beats up his wives if she has guy friends over. It must be embarrassing for the wife. I don’t know why she would stay with him but she does. They have kids together. There are many women that knew about their husband’s cheating behavior but they still stay with them. If you stay with a cheater, you can’t blame it on them when they cheat on you. It’s about deciding what you want to do with your life. I wouldn’t go anywhere near someone that would cheat on me or brings all sort of drama into my life. I don’t need anymore drama and I think that women should think hard before they give cheater another chance.


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