Is religion important in marriage

Is religion that important in a marriage? I think it will depend on each couple but if it was my relationship I preferred that my spouse follow a religion at least. I think that everyone has the right to follow their own religion so long as they don’t try to convert me. I have a religion but I wouldn’t like it if my spouse tells me to convert to another religion. For example, if my spouse is a Buddhist, I wouldn’t be able to convert to Buddhism. I could only follow my religion. I wouldn’t try to convert him either but it would agitate me if he made weird comments about my religion. I don’t expect him to change to my religion but I don’t want him to bother me about it daily.

It can be agitating when someone bothers you about your religion daily. If they made a weird or mean comment about your religion, it could really irritate you. I was irritated when my friends and family kept on talking about my religious beliefs. I rather that they keep quiet. Religion is important and it helps a person grows. A person with a religion is more positive than a person without a religion. If you have two people, you can always trust a religious person more. They are ethical and they care. They won’t do a lot of harm to you because they have to confess next weekend but that’s not to say that all religious people are good hearted or caring. There are people that are kind too even if they have no religion.

Religion is not everything when it comes to a marriage but you should allow your spouse to be happy with their beliefs and don’t force them to convert. It can break up a marriage if you tell them to convert to your religion. They would feel like they have no more personal freedom. Even if you’re married, your spouse would still like personal freedom and flexibility and telling them to convert can break up your relationship. What about your kids? Well, your children can choose whichever religion they want to believe in. I personally like it when I’m giving a choice. I don’t like it when people control me and tell me what to do with my life. I want to be able to do anything that I wanted to do. Life is much healthier if you give people choices. Look at China and Vietnam, people died over protesting for their rights to believe in a certain religion. They are forced to believe in a certain religion and they don’t want to be forced. They want to choose.

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