Wax your car for beginners

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When using a liquid wax it’s good to start at the top of the car and work your way down to the bottom panels. Always apply a small amount of wax to the car and spread it evenly make sure to do one section at a time.

Always making sure your layers are thin. Try your best to be very careful not to touch the rubber door seals, matte plastic, and black window because if the wax touches it, it’ll stain them, so be very careful, and remember to do one section at a time. ALWAYS do one section at a time and always make the layers thin.

The wax has to haze it takes about 2 minutes. Next buff it to a shine using the clean soft towel using circular motions sometimes. Use the clean part of the towel for best buffing results. Do the whole car.

After you have finished the whole car use window cleaner to clean the wax from the matte unpainted surfaces like the unpainted bumper, rubber door seals and plastic mouldings and you’re done.

Be sure to read all instructions and follow them as well. This leaves no room for mistakes. There’s no such thing as a one time wax no matter what the lable says you’ll have to do it again. It’s best to wax your car every so often. The more and more you wax your car the more familiar it will become. Every time you do it will be more easier and better then the time before.


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