Xbox Live Down: A Better Way to Tell Us?

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Today (June 16, 2009) I tried logging on to my Xbox Live account to play a little Rock Band 2 and Halo Wars.  When trying to log in I got an error message saying my network was improperly set up.  Seeing as I just bought a new router for my Xbox and AirPort Express station I figured there was something wrong with the configuration.

I ran the network diagnostics on my Xbox hoping for a solution.  First, it said my router was improperly set up (even though my wireless internet worked which is routed through it).  I reset everything and tried again.

Next, I got a message saying my MTU settings were incorrect.  Now I think I know a lot about computers, but networking is my weak spot.  I have never even heard of MTU.  After doing a lot of digging and searching I eventually found that the MTU settings on my router could not be changed.

After about 45 minutes of frustration I decided to turn to for help.

“500 – Server error”

So after another 30 seconds of research I found that Xbox Live was having a planned outage today.  D’oh!

I am thankful for the new features that are coming soon, but I do wish that they would handle their blackouts better.  It would be nice to get a little “try back tomorrow” message instead of “your hardware is broken” message.

Now, time to run outside in the sun, away from video games!


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